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I create content and open communication spaces where we can find our inner fire and let it light our unique path.

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This is about my journey,


Through my workshops, writings, lectures, initiatives and virtual spaces, I weave an evolutionary web of social interactions, introspections and impact. These serve as the base for unleashing genuine human nature that manifests in the lives of curious and courageous men and women worldwide.

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"Present WOMAN".

“Present Woman” invites women to own their sexuality so they can reclaim their power, make peace with men and build the world our future generations deserve.

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I offer workshops and consulting processes at academic institutes, startups and Fortune 500 companies around the world. These processes aim to connect people with their inner selves, linking individual beings and communities, while igniting body, mind and soul.

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I facilitate panel discussions, offer key note speeches and interview world leaders about cultural and social change. All talks aim to inspire courage and curiosity, thoughts and actions, desire and drive.

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My favorite


I have compiled some of my favorite resources here for you to enjoy. These resources provide information and insights that I believe can offer you guidance and support along your own unique path.

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Double You is an organization I co-founded with Sarah Reifschneider; it is essentially a tribe of women leaders worldwide, from stay at home mothers to CEOs of multi million dollar startups, politicians, artists and educators. What brings us all together is our desire to embody female leadership and our commitment to igniting it across the world.
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Playing with Fire, the virtual community is a brave space for men and women to make peace and talk about love, power and intimacy.

Playing with Fire, the podcast hosts conversations with experts about relationships, gender and sexuality.

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