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A week of connecting to your body

When I was 24 I reached my limit. Enough was enough. I had been suffering from eating disorders for the past ten years and I was looking for a way out. I was sick of myself. I was sick of diets. I was sick of hating my body. I was sick of the constant gaining and losing of weight, and I was mainly sick of the voice in my head that was constantly saying about all of my dreams; “It will happen as soon as you lose weight.” In addition to all of these, being detached from my body didn’t allow me to maintain a healthy sense of intimacy with my partner. How can anyone enjoy healthy sexuality while hating their own body?

One day, after reading a self help book, I decided to take action. I designed an experiment; I told myself that for a week I was going to pretend that I loved my body. In order to support myself in this practice, I invented a different exercise every day. During the exercises and random situations throughout my day, the guiding question I would ask myself was this: ”How would someone who loves her body act now?” And so, every day new answers appeared.

By signing up for this process, you will receive weird exercises every day that invite you to have a different kind of interaction with your body. Some will work more, some will work less, but all of them will open up a path for you that you can continue to walk upon and design your own journey towards loving your body.

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