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I facilitate panel discussions, offer key note speeches and interview world leaders about cultural and social change. All aimed to inspire courage and curiosity, thoughts and actions, desire and drive.

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Throughout the years, I have taken the stage at various international conferences and on diverse platforms, INCLUDING:


Here are a few excerpts from my talks, to give you an idea of what they are all about.
World Hope Forum
Interviewing Anne Marie Slaughter
Interviewing Sir Ronald Cohen about Impact
Keynote Speaking
Keynote Speaking


Narkis has taken Zoom screens by storm with her personal charm, sweeping all of us onto a fascinating journey of social entrepreneurship. The meeting with Narkis, in which she shared her business and social vision with us, generated highly enthusiastic responses amongst our community members.

Arnon Katz

Founder, Attila Ventures and Zoom Corona Community
Narkis gave a very powerful keynote address that captivated the audience and provided a nuanced yet thoughtful perspective. in addition to her keynote, she also led a discussion group session, and I had countless people come up to me after to comment on how impactful the conversation was. We could not have been more grateful for Narkis’s participation and look forward to hosting her again at Harvard in the future.

Max August

Founder of the Israel Summit at Harvard
Narkis is an inspiration to the young leaders in our Foundation and to everyone who has spent time with her. I still remember her speech at our annual conference some years ago where she held everyone spellbound. People still talk about the impact she has had on their lives. She is an incredible young leader and it has been my privilege and blessing to see her grow and develop over the last few years. She has done deep study into the Self and has gained insight and wisdom at her young age.

Shiv Vikram Khemka

Vice-Chairman of SUN Group, and executive chairman of tGELF
Narkis’ unique presentation style has a special way of making a talk feel personal, no matter the size of the audience. Her warm and inviting personality shines through in her words, which keeps the audience not only engaged but truly present and in the moment. She has an unparalleled ability to translate complex concepts into digestible relatable ideas that resonate deeply and feel relevant to all who hear them and she’s unafraid of addressing seemingly taboo questions or topics with objectivity and grace.

Rachel Gerrol

co-founder and CEO Nexus global summit.
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