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I build communities and spaces where we can align with nature, heal our relationships with our bodies and ignite our inner fire, paving the way to a new era of connection.

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 As technology ascends to unprecedented heights, it's time we anchor ourselves in our essence, as differing opinions drive wedges between us, it's time to engage in meaningful dialogue. As individualism surges, isolating us further, it's time to rediscover the bonds of our tribesthe power of our love, the simple path we’ve forgotten, so we can remember — together.

Discover Present Woman: Dive into the Book

Present Women invites women to own their pleasure so they can reclaim their power, make peace with men and build the world our future generations deserve.

Be a Voice in the 'Present Women' Movement

The 'Present Women' Movement embraces both online and offline realms to foster spaces of sharing, healing, and deep connection with our bodies through purposeful storytelling. Created by women, for women, we are committed to reviving feminine ancient knowledge and channeling the collective wisdom of our lineage, including our grandmothers, our mothers, and our daughters.

'Present Women' your journey

for women and men

An experiential audio program with leading instructors from the field that provides practical experience in techniques for connecting to the body and passion. The purpose of the journey is to enable you to awaken and illuminate the living woman you are and to practice the tools mentioned in the book.

Leading with Dialogue:
Facilitating Transformative Conversations

I facilitate panel discussions, interactive group conversations, keynote speeches, and interviews with world leaders, all centered on driving cultural and social change. My objective is to foster courage and curiosity, creating bridges between individuals of opposing and diverse perspectives. At the heart of my approach is the conviction that through human dialogue, we can achieve a deeper connection and discover common ground.

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Every week I send a newsletter. It contains thoughts, insights, and new content. Writing it is my favorite part of the week, and reading readers' insights from it even more so.

Step into the

Healing Grounds are natural spaces that offer an opportunity for mutual growth and healing of both humans and the soil. Through carefully planned environments, tailored activities, and focused learning and education processes, humans and the earth can heal from their trauma, and experience real healing.

Double You is an organization I co-founded with Sarah Reifschneider; it is essentially a tribe of women leaders worldwide, from stay at home mothers to CEOs of multi million dollar startups, politicians, artists and educators. What brings us all together is our desire to embody female leadership and our commitment to igniting it across the world.

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I invite you to a conversation about the most burning topics:

Playing with fire - the Facebook group where men and women agree to look together at explosive issues in the hope that the breakthroughs that are possible in this space will bring the sexes closer together.

Playing with fire - the podcast: a way to deepen relationships, sexuality and gender The podcast invites women to connect For their passion in male listening and support, and men to connect with their vulnerability and tenderness in female listening and inclusion.

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