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Present WOMAN

At the age of 27, I was chosen to appear on Forbes' list of '30 Most Promising Young People' in Israel. I looked at my picture in that article, at the smile spread across my face, at the jeans suit I was wearing, my hairstyle, how my work was described, and felt light-years away from that person. Here I was, presented as a young woman who had realized her potential and was guiding other women to do the same, when in reality I was not enjoying my work, I was neglecting my friends and family, and worst of all – I had no sex life with my husband. Pleasure was not a part of my life and I was tired most of the time. I realized I was living a lie."The book 'Present Woman' is an honest and rare first-person account for female seekers and curious men. A woman in her twenties embarks to discover her sexuality and learns how her journey towards pleasure affects her career, her attitude to money, and her relationships.Narkis Alon participates in sexuality workshops around the world, leads entrepreneurial workshops, marries her true love, undergoes an Ayahuasca ceremony, gives birth, speaks at the U.N., and explores and affirms the connection between fulfillment and pleasure. Through the accompanying booklet, readers are invited to embark on a personal journey to discover their own pleasure, awaken their body, and express the creativity stirring within them.

Present wOMAN is a book about female leadership, pleasure and relationships.
It covers the journey I have gone through from being a woman who does not know how to enjoy sex to a person who fulfills themselves sexually, and how it affected my career, relationships and overall self confidence.  Many people have asked me while I was writing this book why I was writing about my sexuality. After all, exposing this side of one’s self is controversial and can possibly come at a great personal cost.

The first reason has to do with women.
Our cultural construct encourages us, women, to be an object: to groom our looks, to serve our partner’s needs and to bear children. This not only prevents women from accessing an enormous life force within their bodies, it also marks their bodies as someone else’s property, one that can be remarked upon, touched without consent, and one whose wishes can be denied. When we change the way we look at our bodies, we change the way we look at our overall societal roles. This is an era in which we, as women, are called to reclaim our sexuality so that we are able to regain access to our power and build the world our future generation deserves. When we as women understand that our physical needs are important enough in the bedroom, we will understand that our opinions are important in the boardroom, and that our ideas are worth manifesting.

The second reason has to do with the relationship between men and women.
In the last few years we have been witnessing all the gaps between men and women coming to the surface; the wage gap, the human rights gap, the leadership gap. There is so much rage, judgement and hatred between us. We see it in the workplace, in politics and in the media. We cannot manage a healthy society if we cannot understand each other, and we cannot understand each other if we don’t understand ourselves. In this book I share how deepening and realizing my femininity allowed me to come to understand men and make peace with them.  
I am not a therapist, nor am I a tantra teacher; I’m a woman that went through a journey that completely transformed her life, and in this book I will share it with you. The book comes with a guidebook that will support your process.

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