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My workshops and consulting processes aim to inspire people and organizations to tap into their natural desires and unleash their genuine human nature on all levels - so they can lead their fullest lives.

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I've worked with various companies around the world.


Narkis’ true purpose in life is to help people, especially women, discover their genius and step into their power. I have participated in her workshops which are masterfully and artfully facilitated. She helps participants uncover new things about themselves and explore ways to play bigger in the world.

Abby Saloma

Senior Director, Leadership and Talent / Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Philanthropies
The most fervent wish of anyone in this world, and especially women, is to be known. Narkis has a remarkable ability for each and everyone woman she encounters, whether individually or in a group setting, to feel as if she knows her, her struggles, her opportunities, her fears and her hopes. There is almost a gravitational shift when Narkis enters the conversation and you simply never want it to end.

Alicia s Oberman

executive director BMI for Jewish non profits, program at Kellogg university
Narkis’ uniqueness is that she is really one of a kind. She is passionate, smart, sophisticated, disruptive, and has a unique ability to engage ‘corporate mainstreamers’ with her our-of-the-box approach to almost everything in this world. Narkis has diverse skills and fortes that make her the right person for many types of engagements and I really look forward to continue working with her in the future.

Idit Duvdevany Aronshon

head of corporate responsibility and wellbeing, amdocs
One of the most special things about working with Narkis is the creation process: we’re coming with a specific organizational need but ending up embarking on a journey and co-create a process that best answers our needs.

Lior Emuna

head of global learning & development / Wix
Narkis is an exceptional human being. The work with her brings an irregular combination of vulnerable authenticity together with to-the-point, sharp and pragmatic mindset. Being effective and result-oriented without compromising on being oneself, with everything that it includes. This sort of leadership is what I imagine the world is asking for, and what I believe it is moving towards.

Matan field

founder and CEO / Common
I had the privilege to work with Narkis on the first-ever Zell Retreat. Working with Narkis is so inspiring! Her team is very kind and professional. The Retreat itself was a life changing experience to many of us, the organization was flawless, and the feedback we received from participants was outstanding. It became a new tradition.

Yonit Soloducho

Senior Product Manager, Microsoft


The themes I work with can be translated into:

Content Creation &
Strategies for Your Brand
for your team
consulting processes

My MAIN Themes are:

Playing WITH Fire

Creating brave spaces for men and women to make peace and talk about challenges, misunderstandings, creating new norms and igniting a process of healing and dialogue between the genders. The group will  envision what kind of workplace culture is needed for women and men to work together to create harmonious, safe and fulfilling workplaces post the #metoo era.


Building trust within your team. This theme is focused on imparting your team with the tools needed for learning how to rely on each other and communicate openly and respectfully. We will practice support mechanisms, accountability partners, sharing circles, agreement on group norms and mapping out how we can support each other as colleagues on an ongoing basis.  

BusINEss, PLEAsure & Purpose

Tapping into the intelligence of our body and the longing of our souls. Through this theme, we explore how to listen to our body, and to use it as a compass for making decisions, recognizing their purpose, and coping with challenging situations at work and in their personal lives.

All processes aim to STIMULATE GROWTH AND SUCCESS OF INDIVIDUALS AND ORGANIZATIONS, and are unqiuely structured depending on the group size, timeframe, content and objectives.



Fire and desire. Body, mind and soul.


Conecting people with their intimate selves and others


Creating and enabling genuine changes for the better.


Linking individual beings and communities. Social synergy.

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