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What would you like your
next job to look like?

The first time I had a serious job it was in business development and sales for a startup. I was so proud of myself; just a brief while ago I was waiting on tables like most of my friends back then, and here I was sitting in meetings with marketing managers to which I tried to sell a product. Another characteristic that job had, aside from my pride, was that most of the time I was very stressed. The levels of my stress were directly influenced by how my boss treated me. If he was happy, I was content. If he criticized me, I would cry. I was convinced that this was how adult work life looked.

decided to take a vacation and travel for several weeks. The distance completely changed my perspective. I realized that that work was not right for me and that the stress I was experiencing wasn’t worth any amount of money. I left my job and kept traveling. While I was trying to figure out what to do next, I recalled the days when I was a counselor at a youth movement, and how much satisfaction I had felt from being an educator. I figured that the missing part for me was to be working for a greater cause. I came back to Israel and co-founded, along with several partners, a social organization called:”Ze-Ze”. We created projects that provided opportunities for communities in need. All of the projects were voluntarily led by students. Thus, these students gained experience in their areas of interest. Although starting this organization included many exciting things for me, I was frustrated by the fact that I was barely able to make a decent living despite the fact that I was working all day long. The NGO world in Israel is challenging, especially if you’re a young organization. I wanted to have my own place and be financially independent. After three years, I decided that it was time to move on to my next entrepreneurial project. Only, this time I was committed to finding a way to join business with purpose, which, for me, was a way of offering me the best of both worlds.  And indeed, I co-founded a company called “Elevation Academy” which provides training for people that want to become part of the startup industry. In addition to making a living, our courses also offered grants and job opportunities for communities in need, which added a social aspect to our initiative. Now I had investors and employees, as well as partnerships with some of the industry’s largest tech companies. Although we were doing well, beyond all the jobs I had ever had before, it was there that I felt completely lost. I was constantly tired and stressed. The daily work was so demanding that I became distant from my partner and most of my friends. I was very confused. No matter how deeply I tried to analyze the situation, I felt that this time it was supposed to work. This job had everything I was looking for: money to make a living, meaning, connections with great people, and a challenge. I thought that I was just being a spoiled millennial and that I would never find a path that I would want to commit to. As a way to deal with this confusion, I started sitting voluntarily with many people that were not sure about the next phase of their career and were looking for advice. Since I was lost myself, and not in a position to offer advice, what I did in these meetings was only to ask questions and reflect back what I heard. After several meetings, I noticed three main questions that, after focusing on them, one could create a map towards his or her desired career. Once I answered these questions myself, the picture became clear to me and I could start taking action. If you want to answer these questions and give it a try, press this button and we will start.

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